To The Pure All Things Are Pure

Here is a devotional that I received from NLT…

Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure. But nothing is pure to those who are corrupt and unbelieving, because their minds and consciences are corrupted. Titus 1:15, NLT

Some people see good all around them, while others see nothing but evil. What is the difference? Our souls become filters through which we perceive goodness or evil. The pure (those who have Christ in control of their lives) learn to see goodness and purity even in this evil world. But corrupt and unbelieving people find evil in everything because their evil minds and hearts color even the good they see and hear.

Whatever you choose to fill your mind with will affect the way you think and act. Turn your thoughts to God and his Word, and you will discover more and more goodness, even in this evil world. A mind filled with good has little room for what is evil.

My thoughts….
I had a very wise pastor tell me that what you see in others and are emotionally charged about is really a reflection of what you see in yourself. If you are always accusing others of selfishness it’s probably because there is selfishness in your own heart.

I have found that those who are most focused on purity and holiness are generally least pure and holy. Those who constantly see the worst in people and see every action in the most severe light are generally acting out of their own shame and guilt for something that they’ve done or has been done to them.

This is the power of the gospel. God so loves us that He gives us grace and mercy – not only to forgive, but to transform our lives into the very image of Himself. He exchanges the faulty lens that we see each other through and gives us His lens… His perspective.

That is the difference between walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. The flesh points out weakness, the Spirit points out Jesus. When the Spirit points out Jesus, the natural response is gratitude.

Is your heart full of accusations and pain for something that has happened to you? Then why don’t you bring it to the cross and allow Jesus to give you His perspective. What is His perspective? To forgive those who did harm to Him and even provide for them a way of salvation. You might say… this is too hard. Let me say this… it’s not too hard, it’s impossible!!! But God empowers us by His Spirit to extend forgiveness and peace even to those who intend to harm us… for what they meant for evil, God means for good. As you allow Jesus to power through your life in forgiveness… watch gratitude and thanksgiving overflow from your life.

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