The Final Word

My wife and I sent two confidential emails to the board requesting that the board correct the misinformation that they distributed to volunteers, congregants and staff both on the internet and in numerous private meetings that were conducted by Jim Nicol, Evan Liewer and various board members.  The first letter was carefully crafted with the help of 5 Calvary Chapel pastors.  Our first request was ignored.  They did respond to pastors that we copied in for accountability sake and also blind copied other pastors in an effort to discredit my wife and I, but they never responded to us directly.
After our second confidential email, which we wrote in an effort to de-escalate the situation and simply say all is behind us… we forgive what has been done… we are moving forward in grace and pray that God continues to bless the ministry at Ocean Hills… we did get a response that was sent certified mail.  It was addressed to me only, dated January 4, 2010 and said…
Dear Holland,
We love you, we forgive you, God bless you.
Yours in Christ
Signed Jim Nicol
Ocean Hills Board
It was not written by Jim but by Evan Liewer, but signed by Jim.  It was typed and demonstrated no effort towards reconciliation or peace.
Roxie and I appreciate the effort on the part of Pastor Jim Nicol and the staff and board of Ocean Hills Church to acknowledge our communications to them.  We hold no ill will towards the current leadership, we see God’s hand in all of it… moving us to where God has us today – planting a new church in San Clemente.  We have nothing but fond memories of our time at Ocean Hills Church with Pastor Skip Heitzig and following.  There were too many highlights to remember to focus on a few unfortunate decisions made by the most current Pastor and board.  We pray God’s best for them as they continue serving the congregation at Ocean Hills Church.  In our view, this matter is closed and behind us.  Please join us in praying for the new work God desires to build in San Clemente and pray that God would pour out His Spirit in a massive way through out South County.

P.S.  We are now several months past the events that God used to start a new work in South Orange County.  We continue to hear the distribution of misinformation including now the suggestion that I committed theft of equipment that I actually donated.  We hear that we’It’s sad that there has not been resolution on the part of the leadership and staff at Ocean Hills Church.  It appears that their issues continue even after my departure.  I believe that speaks for itself.  Roxie and I continue to pray for God to bless them.


FINAL P.S.  It is with a heavy heart that I learned Jim Nicol was forced to resign as Senior Pastor of Ocean Hills Church under the cloud of moral failure.  Please keep the Nicol family in prayer, but it serves as a reminder that when we use the tactics of the world against our brothers, we often end up falling on our own swords.  It appears that the things I was confronting behind closed doors have now become public.  The lies and half truths have born fruit.  The church itself has been sold to Mariner’s Church and is now thriving under new leadership.  I’m happy for the congregation there as this church has been through so much under what I believe to be wickedness in leadership.  The files have been closed and tossed.  Old emails that were kept for fear of future retaliation have been deleted.  God has vindicated and now peace is in the land.