Sowing And Reaping…

We are going through the book of Judges as a church and I’m amazed at how much I continue to learn from the scriptures.  One of those lessons is the law of sowing and reaping.  It’s all over the book of judges.  Combine this with a recent visit to a real working farm in the heartland of America, I feel like this California boy has gotten a fresh education in Biblical principles.  Here’s what I’ve learned….

1.  You reap in the like kind of seed that you’ve sown.  In other words, if you sow field corn, you won’t reap sugar beets.  Often people want to sow seeds of disobedience and still reap a harvest of God’s blessing.  It can’t happen.  Whatever you sow you reap.

2.  You reap in a different season than you’ve sown.  It takes time for seed to bear fruit.  If you sow a crop of sugar beets, it may be 12 weeks before you get your return.  If you’re sowing seeds of disobedience, don’t think you’ve gotten away with something because you don’t reap right away.  If you’re sowing seeds of blessing, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see instant results.  God makes all things beautiful in His time.

3.  You reap more than you’ve sown.  This is the principle of abundance that goes along with the law of sowing and reaping.  If you sow one field corn seed, the stalk may product 10 to 15 ears with 100’s of seeds per ear.  One seed can produce 1000.  Think of that when you are deciding between sowing seeds of disobedience or seeds of blessing.  God says, if you sow to the wind you will reap a whirlwind.

4.  You reap according to how you have sown.  If you don’t sow alot, you won’t get alot.  If you sow alot, you get alot.  It’s simple, but that’s how God works.  When a farmer chooses a crop, he doesn’t plant a little here and a little there.  He makes a commitment based on all his research, past crops he’s grown, what would yield the greatest harvest on the same plot of land.  It’s not happen stance, it’s strategic.  I believe we need to become more strategic in the kind of seed we sow in the Kingdom of heaven.

Israel sows alot of bad seed in the book of Judges and they bring a harvest of trouble upon themselves.  But this is what I love about God.  Even thought Israel did evil in the side of the Lord… the Bible says… Nevertheless, God raised up judges to deliver Israel.  Wow… it seems that God is into sowing and reaping as well.  Even though we are bent on sowing seeds of destruction, God is committed to sowing seeds of life into us through Jesus Christ.  Let the seeds of God’s life spring up in you and produce a harvest of blessing that will bring life to your soul.





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