Southern California Worship Conference

This year I had the privilege of conducting a workshop at the Southern California Worship Conference held at Calvary Chapel South Bay. It was very similar to the Worship Life conference…. some of the same worship leaders and workshop speakers, but a one day version of it. I was asked to speak on the subject of Technology In Worship… which when I told my tech team caused them to laugh. I have a great team and rely heavily on their expertise so that I can focus on ministry.

Because I’m primarily a Bible teacher and not a tech guru, the approach I took was more centered around the theology of technology. I wanted to approach the subject from the standpoint of purpose. What is the purpose of the church and how does technology fit into that purpose? If one boils down the primary focus of the Church down to one word… I would have to use the word COMMUNICATE. We are in the business of COMMUNICATING the gospel. This revelation came to me when I attended NAB in Las Vegas. Acres of vendors and booths all organized around the mission of COMMUNICATION. I was blown away by the variety of ways that are available to COMMUNICATE to people. That’s when it hit me… what we do in church is built around COMMUNICATING the gospel. That’s where technology comes in as a tool that can enhance or confuse the message.
One of the most profound messages for me personally came through Pastor Steve Mays. I can’t remember all the details of the message, but during his message I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Lately God has been asking me questions and two came that morning. The first question was… Can you say Amen and Alleluia? It came while Pastor Steve was teaching out of Revelation 19. If I truly believe that my hands are in God’s hands, that He directs my paths, that God causes all things to work together for good… then whatever comes my way I can say Amen (to His will) and Alleluia (to the manifestation of His will). To be honest… it’s easier to say Amen than it is to say Alleluia. It’s easier to say… whatever Your will is, I accept. It’s harder to say… Praise God for this difficult situation I’m in.
The second question God spoke to me was… Am I being Incarnational? This takes some explaining. There is a theological concept called Incarnational Reality. It is the reality that Christ lives in us and lives through us. If I am a believer and disciple of Christ, then Christ literally lives in me and thus lives through me. The question is, do I live in the present reality of that truth? Do I truly live… fully alive and fully present… or am I living in the past reality? Do I believe the lies of the evil one that would seek to distract me from believing the truth of who I am in Christ as revealed through God’s Word? If I truly believe that Jesus lives in me… and that He lives through me… I wonder what changes in lifestyle that would make? Not from a legalistic stand point because the LAW says so. But from a relational stand point because I want to give myself entirely to my Lord and Savior.
Kevin did a great job… God was glorified…. now we move on to Worship Life 2008 a few weeks later.

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