Putting the Pieces in Order


Author Charlie Shedd gives us a wonderful example of this truth from his own family life. Charlie’s daughter had a science project to do for school, but neither Charlie or his wife were much help with the technical aspects. The saving grace was their next door neighbor, John, who helped the daughter with each part of her project. Finally came the night when the daughter had to put the whole project together. She was in tears about what to do first until she called John. John said simply, “Why don’t you bring the whole thing over to my house, and I’ll give the pieces in the right order, so you can finish your project.” That is what happened when Zacchaeus let Jesus take control of the pieces of his life, and put everything in its proper order. When we let Jesus Christ take control in our lives, we can truly say with Zacchaeus, “Today salvation has come to this house.”
Robert A. Beringer, Turning Points, CSS Publishing Company

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