Living In God’s Favor


“For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield” (Psalm 5:12)Online Giving.

First of all, let me say to all the moms and the moms to be – Happy Mother’s Day. We have something special for you this Sunday. On Sunday mornings we are going through the book of Ephesians in our series entitled “Grace Filled Relationships.” What I am discovering is that most Christians don’t expect God’s blessing or favor in their lives. In fact, they really expect difficulty and hardship and when it comes they automatically assume it comes from God. The belief is that God needs to use hardship and difficulty in our lives to keep us dependent on Him because He doesn’t trust us with His blessing and favor. If we are too blessed then we will drift away so He keeps us on a tight chain with adversity. What a crock of rotten stinky produce. In this season of my life, God has been challenging that belief in me. Do I really believe that God wants to bless me and pour out His favor on my life?

We had something happen this week that really brought home the reality that God is working to show favor and bless my life more than I realize. We have been praying and asking God what evangelism looks like at Worship Life. With all the musicians and artists at church, we’ve been asking God if perhaps music and arts is the way He wants us to impact our culture. We hosted a night of worship at The Green Earth Coffee Shop with great success and we’ve been asking God to open other doors of opportunity. It was particularly hot at our midweek study, so we left the door open to allow the breeze to come through. Without our knowledge, a lady who was walking her dog stopped outside our door and began to listen to the worship. Tears filled her eyes. One of the ladies from the study was coming in late and noticed her standing outside. She asked if she could help her and the lady commented on the worship coming from our Bible Study. She said that she was the marketing director for Chik-Fil-A in Laguna Niguel and wanted whatever was happening in our Bible Study at her store and asked us to contact her. I emailed her and she responded very positively and wants Worship Life to partner with them in some events. All this to show that we have no idea what God is doing and how He is setting things up to pour His blessing and favor in our lives.

Does that mean we never encounter adversity? Absolutely not. Jesus said in this world you will have tribulation. But He also said to be of good cheer because He overcame the world. My prayer for you is that you will believe more and more the truth that God wants to bless you abundantly. Even in the midst of adversity, there is favor and blessing coming your way if you are looking from God’s perspective. Believe what God says about you and doubt everything else.

We have started webcasting our services. You can view them at USTREAM. You can also catch up on studies that you’ve missed or perhaps your following us from a distance at VIMEO.

Roxie and I are praying for you…
P.S. Pray for Worship Life as we begin looking for a facility that we can call our own and pray for Revival in South Orange County. God is doing great things!!!

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