Like Fire Cast On the Earth


Martin Luther knew that the ice of human nature had frozen things over in his day, most especially he thought, in the heart and mind of a man named Erasmus. To that Dutch humanist Luther wrote the Word of God always puts the world in a state of tumult because it comes like fire cast on the earth. “For the Word of God comes, whenever it comes, to change and renew the world.”


Nowhere does the fire of God’s Word burn off the ice and cause tumult more than in the differences between generations, in the relationships between father and son and mother and daughter. These relationships tend to freeze over into a cool placidity where mother thinks her daughter must be just as she is, or son thinks he must be a carbon copy of dad. Not so, says the gospel. There will not be agreement between mother and daughter or father and son so much as there will be distinction; each will have a proper share of the kingdom of God. God’s Word burns off the ice of mutual identification and kindles the fire of proper identity over and over again.


John G. Lynn, Trouble Journey, CSS Publishing.

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