Jesus And Politicians

It’s a startling fact but true — Jesus and politicians have a lot in common. This no doubt comes as a surprise to those who regard politics as a dirty business, or who think of politicians essentially as liars, and who believe steadfastly that politics and religion don’t mix. Nonetheless, Jesus and the politicians have a lot in common.

When you think of it, politicians get elected by promising us something better. President Reagan was elected and then re-elected by asking the public, “Are you better off now than four years ago?” The first time, the people answered, “no,” and elected Reagan for the promise of something better. Four years later they responded “yes” to the question and elected Reagan for another term in hope for an even better four years.

Jesus and politicians do have a lot in common. Not always, however. A little girl asked her mother whether all fairy tales began with, “Once upon a time.” “No,” replied the mother. “Today most of them begin with ‘If I’m elected.’ “Jesus made promises, but not like that.

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