Grace For Today

We live in an instagram world where people will go for a photo-op and give the appearance of something that really isn’t happening. It’s the same when it comes to being at peace with all men. There are peacemakers and peacefakers. Peacefakers are those who say they are for peace, but they are really about division and domination. Instead of embracing you, they walk the other way with a smile on their face. Instead of engaging you, they stay away from you and at the end of the night say… darn, we didn’t get to talk. Some unfortunately, even refer to themselves as pastors. But true pastors are peacemakers. The ultimate peacefaker is yet to come… the anti-christ. He will make a peace treaty with Israel and then break it 3 1/2 years later. We are not to be peacefakers. Jesus tells us to be peacemakers. Not only to help people find peace with God, but to live out peace with other men. Remember… your life is the only Bible that unchurched people will read. Be a peacemaker! #sanclemente #calvarychapel #calvarysanclemente #lifeinhd #sanclementecc

Hebrews 12:14New King James Version (NKJV)
14 Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord:

Roxie and I love you!!!

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