Grace For Today

One of the characteristics that distinguishes effective leaders is a commitment to lifelong learning.  It’s the belief that you never arrive, but you’re always on journey.  It keeps you in a place of humility because you realize that you are so small when it comes to the bigness of life and the greatness of God.  It keeps us in the world of unlimited potential.  Pride limits us.  Pride fools us into believing we know more than we actually do and when our limits are exposed it brings shame.  Why not keep yourself in a place of awe and wonder before God but simply admitting He is BIG and I am small and in light of His BIGNESS I have so much to learn.  That is not to rest in what we have already learned… that’s knowledge gained through experience which leads to wisdom.  Rather we remain flexible and teacheable until Jesus returns.  There is no shame in that.


When pride comes, then comes shame; But with the humble is wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2 NKJV


Roxie and I love you!!!

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