Grace For Today

There is a belief that somehow curses can be passed down through generations. They are called generational curses. It’s a misrepresentation of scripture and a teaching that spreads unbelief concerning the power of God’s grace and presence in the life of the believer. But, let’s pretend it’s true (which it’s not) for a moment. The teaching is that curses affect us to the 3rd or 4th generation. But God tells us that His mercy is from everylasting to everylasting on those who fear Him. What are you going to focus on? An imagined curse that at most affects someone for 4 generations? Or the real mercy of the Lord that is from everlasting to everlasting? I’m going for God! Stop believing the lie that you’re cursed. You are under God’s mercy.

But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting On those who fear Him, And His righteousness to children’s children, To such as keep His covenant,Psalms 103:17-18 NKJV

Roxie and I love you!!!

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