God Is Buildling His Church


“But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift. ” (Ephesians 4:7)Online Giving.

One of the things that amazes me is how God builds His church. As a Senior Pastor, it’s easy to get caught up in the success mentality of our culture and feel the pressure of trying to appease the masses with programs or filling the building with people. You can spend thousands of dollars and many more hours attending conferences, reading books, meeting with “successful” pastors all trying to grasp the elusive secret to church growth. But God’s ways are so much easier than that. God’s ways are much higher than that. He says seek first the kingdom of God and everything else gets added. God says ask and it will be given. God says knock and doors open. God says seek and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. Isn’t it amazing how easy God’s ways are? That has been our experience at Worship Life. When we had a need, we asked and God provided. When we lacked wisdom, we asked and God gave it. But the most radical experience of all has been the reality of His Presence with us as we have sought Him..

But how does God meet needs? How does God provide resources? How does God show His love in practical ways to us? How does God build His Church? Through every day people and you and I. We are the Living Stones that God uses to build His Church. It doesn’t happen magically. Open the Bible and they will come. It happens as people like you invite your friends to Worship Life. It happens as people like you help set up or tear down on Sunday mornings. It happens as you show the love of God to someone in a practical way. Each of us have been uniquely gifted by God through the abundance of God’s grace. Don’t let the world, the flesh or the devil steal your blessing by keeping you from serving Him. Take your place at God’s table and enjoy the rich blessings that are yours as you allow God to use you to build His Church.
We have started webcasting our services. You can view them at USTREAM. You can also catch up on studies that you’ve missed or perhaps your following us from a distance at VIMEO.

Roxie and I are praying for you…
P.S. Pray for Worship Life as we begin looking for a facility that we can call our own and pray for Revival in South Orange County. God is doing great things!!!

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