Glorious Failure

My most memorable lessons have come not through success, but through glorious failures…

What constitutes a Glorious Failure?
A Glorious Failure honors God even when it isn’t seen by others as “successful.” Perhaps you are reaching a hard to reach group or area. Perhaps it never becomes a part of self sustaining or self governing and whatever the other self thing is, but it tries to honor God anyway.
A Glorious Failure is when you work hard, give it all you got and try some new things that no one else is doing……..and it falls flat. Now if you learn, adapt and refine what you have learned for the next time you time, great. That was a glorious failure. If you keep on doing those things even when they repeatedly fail, well, that is insanity.
Glorious Failures help us unearth and surface terrible ideas that can be discarded.
Glorious Failures help us try new leadership skills and ideas that may not work with one team but later can be adapted with another.
Glorious Failures sift us as leaders and help shape our hearts for the future…IF we let them.

So – What are your Glorious Failures? What are you learning from them?

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