Calvary Chapel Regional Senior Pastors Conference



I am sure you remember that at our June International Pastor’s Conference, it was stated that our International Conferences will be held every two to three years, and that regional conferences would be offered for any who might desire to attend such a conference. With that in mind, we are hoping to have a regional conference from Monday, April 11 until Wednesday (noon) April13th, 2016 to be held at the Twin Peaks Conference Center.

We are hoping that you might desire to attend, and we are desiring to include our wives as well as any assistants and their wives (if they would like to attend). We are in the planning stages at the moment, and are hoping to have Mike MacIntosh, Don McClure, and Joe Focht sharing with us as well as a few other Calvary pastors. I would like the retreat to be not only edifying through the teachings, but also to have ample time for prayer, worship, and fellowship.

We are presently looking at a cost of around $160 per person, which would include dinner on Monday night, three meals on Tuesday, and breakfast on Wednesday.

Below is the link to register for the Regional Pastor’s, Wives, and Assistants retreat. As you fill out the form you will be able to register another person but it will be at the end of the form when you are going to pay. It will say “register another person” and that is when you will add your assistants. I’m praying there will be no complications! We do have a limited number of spots due to the fact that the rooms are for couples. If the spouses do not attend we can always see what we can do to put the men in a room together. Needless to say we will do whatever we can to accommodate you guys! Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or need help. God bless you guys!

Your brother,
David Rosales