Chases Graduates… And Meeting “The Girl”

Well…. Chase Michael Davis (Our middle son) is now officially out of high school. He graduated from Calvary Chapel High School at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I can’t tell you how proud Roxie and I are of Chase. This last year we saw him grow as a musician, worshipper and leader in the high school ministry at Costa Mesa Calvary. I can see the hand of God on him. Originally, he wanted to go to Musicians Institute, but it looks like he’s going to go to Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa. Why do you ask? Well… that’s where “the girl” comes in.

Roxie and I had the privilege of finally meeting his official “girlfriend.” She graduated with him from Costa Mesa. We are still getting to know her, but all the families we’ve spoken to have told us that she is the pick of the school. She’s fun, respectful and she loves Jesus. I remember Chase describing her to me as really “holy”… more than most. It looks like they will both be attending O.C.C. for the next couple of years.

What happens after O.C.C? Well, at the East Coast Worship Summit I had the privilege of playing with Chester Thompson aka drummer for Gensis and Phil Collins. He knows the founder of the L.A. Music Academy. He suggested we check that place out so Chase is looking into it. The good thing about Chase going to O.C.C. is that I won’t loose him as a drummer at church. The bummer is that one day that day will come. I hate growing up.