How the Calvary Chapel Movement has Impacted Worship Worldwide

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6:38AM **UPDATE: Several have commented and asked about how to get Fromm’s dissertation. It’s not formally published, so I emailed him and asked. He said the best way is to request it to be loaned out from Fuller Seminary’s library. (Sorry, it’s a little tedious!)** I have just finished reading Chuck Fromm’s fascinating dissertation with an impossible-to-understand title: Textual Communities and New Song in the.

When Innovation Comes of Age – Session 1 & 2

I gave a talk on the innovation of worship through the ministry of Calvary Chapel at the Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara Pastor’s Conference.  The message was given in 2009, but it’s relevant today as I see many of the things I described happening in the Calvary Chapel Movement today and the call back to the original values that made Calvary Chapel the cutting edge ministry that it is still rings.

Offering Of Praise

I wrote this song for David Rosales’ 30th Anniversary of Ministry….

In Your Time

I can’t get this song out of my head. I wake up with it. I go to sleep with it. It’s definitely a word in season for me.

Mighty Lamb of God

I love this song… it talks about the worship that is happening non-stop around the throne of God…

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