Technologies For Worship May Issue

Check out my column… In The Muse. This month I talk about what every worship leader needs to have in their toolkit. CLICK HERE to view online.

Pastor Appreciation Month… October 2017

This month is pastor appreciation month and I want to take a moment and give honor to the Pastor’s who have shaped my life. The pastor that had the greatest impact on my life is in heaven… Pastor Chuck Smith. I had the privilege of serving under his leadership at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa along with Brian Brodersen, DonandJean McClure and Jon Courson. Pastor Chuck taught me the value of.

Grace For Today

When a farmer plants seed he knows the crop isn’t going to come overnight. It takes time and it’s not an exact science. A farmer can’t predict the exact moment the seed will sprout. There are days when it looks like nothing is happening, but underneath the surface the seed is undergoing a transformation. Even when the young seedling breaks out of the ground a lot can happen to keep.

Don’t Eat Each Other Alive…

There is an interesting phenomenon happening in China.  China is literally destroying it’s own water supply.  How is this happening?  I recently read this article from the Foreign Affairs Council.  On the grasslands of the Tibetan plateau, one sometimes hears a strange chattering — an excited buzz that seems to emanate from the earth itself. Anyone who stops to look for the source will quickly realize that the ground is.

WOW Worship and The Joy Of Serving God

June 15, 1999 is a day that most people won’t remember with any significance.  But it was a day that the culture of worship was changed in America.  It was the day that WOW Worship Blue was released and it did in fact change how people would come to discover and hear worship around the world.  It began as an idea that was presented to me by Danny McGuffy who.

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