Technologies For Worship May Issue

Check out my column… In The Muse. This month I talk about what every worship leader needs to have in their toolkit. CLICK HERE to view online.

This Month In The Muse… I’m Being Led By The Spirit Why Do I Need A Budget

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Churches Give A/V Market a Boost

DOWNLOAD RADIO PROGRAM Susan Valot/KQED A worshiper raises his hands during the “House of Worship” concert at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim. By Susan Valot The room is dark. The stage is bright. A Christian rock band jams in front of a wall of video screens that could easily be in an arena. About a thousand people listen, bob their heads and tap their feet in the hotel ballroom..

Churches big purchasers of music performance gear

Here is an interview that I had the privilege of being part of at N.A.M.M. It’s a funny story in that we were trying to find a quiet place to talk and we ended going outside some doors at the end of the hallway. I pulled a curtain inbetween the doors thinking I could jar the door enough to get back in. Unfortunately, the curtains were too thin and we.

So God Gave You A Song

HERE IS AN ARTICLE I ORIGINALLY WROTE FOR TECHNOLOGIES FOR WORSHIP MAGAZINE… There is no doubt that we are living in one of the most prolific and creative times for worship music in the history of Christianity. It reminds me of something a pastor once told me… during times of spiritual awakening there is a renewed passion for God’s Word, a changed lifestyle devoted to prayer and the outpouring of.

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