Calvary Chapel San Clemente’s Name…

Recently I saw some misinformation about the name of the church I pastor… Calvary Chapel San Clemente and I felt it necessary to bring clarity to this.

When I met with Pastor Chuck Smith concerning the planting of Calvary Chapel San Clemente there were no Calvary Chapel’s in San Clemente. There were some Calvary Chapel pastors living in San Clemente, but no churches. In fact, there is a Calvary Chapel pastor who lives in San Clemente and pastor’s in the Los Angeles area. Who doesn’t want to live in San Clemente. Pastor Chuck agreed there were no Calvary’s in San Clemente, prayed for us and said go for it. We did.

However, when I applied for the 501 C-3 for Calvary Chapel San Clemente, we discovered a Calvary Chapel had been in existence previously and had closed down many years prior and the previous pastor still retained the name although he was no longer affiliated as a Calvary Chapel pastor and does not attend a Calvary Chapel. Therefore, we incorporated as Worship Life Calvary Chapel, Inc. (the name of the conference ministry I started) with the dba Worship Life Calvary Chapel San Clemente. After 3 years, we felt it was time for us to revisit our original intent to be Calvary Chapel San Clemente. After counseling with my pastor, David Rosales from the Calvary Chapel Association. He encouraged me to officially change our name since we were in fact, Calvary Chapel San Clemente. We applied for the dba Calvary Chapel San Clemente and dropped Worship Life from the name.

I recently spoke to the pastor who retained the name and he said that we were clear to use the name. He had no problem with us being Calvary Chapel San Clemente. Today we are blessed to be called Calvary Chapel San Clemente.

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