Boycott Villa Ford of Orange

Today, Ford repossessed my sons car.  I am so upset at the Villa Ford Dealership in Orange.  My son was diagnosed as mentally ill several years back.  He barely lives on his Social Security Check.  When his grandfather died he was given his truck.  It was in great shape.  It gave him the ability to have transportation without a car payment.  During one of his psychotic episodes, the Villa Ford Dealership in Orange took his grandfather’s truck on trade and slapped him with a $400.00 a month car payment.  They said that his Social Security Check – which is given by the government for food and shelter only – was counted as income.  Additionally, at the time he was homeless.  Apparently, Ford Credit company will give someone a $ 400.00 a month car payment with no income and no address and living on SSI.  We contacted Ford Credit to get some kind of help and they could offer nothing.  We contacted the dealership and they said we were out of luck.  What kind of company takes advantage of a mentally ill person on SSI?  Now they are telling us the car is repossessed and my son – who is on SSI  – is now responsible for the difference of the loan to what they sell the car for.  I am incensed by the salesmen that are so greedy for gain that they would take advantage of the downtrodden and now Ford Credit is going to further burden the poor and helpless with a bill he will never be able to pay back?  Whoever runs the Ford Corporation needs to take a hard look at the people they allow to represent them on a dealership level.  This is an outrage.