Let It Rise: A Manual For Worship

Let It Rise: is a comprehensive resource for worship leaders and worshippers alike. A collection of theological and practical insights gathered from over 30 years of worship ministry. This books is practical, informative, and easy to read. Written with a great mix of common sense, humor, and sensitivity, Let It Rise is an invaluable resource for worship leaders everywhere, particularly those who are just getting started in the worship ministry. It is a working manual that covers all aspects of worship leadership. As an added bonus, this book gives the reader a free download of Holland Davis's platinum–selling song "Let It Rise."

The Ministry Of Intercession (NEW RELEASE)

Table Of Contents. Chapter 1: The Four Types Of Prayer. Chapter 2: The Prayer Of Jesus. Chapter 3: The Prayer Of Paul. Chapter 4: The Prayer Of Daniel. Chapter 5: Doing Spiritual Warfare Right. Chapter 6: Presence Oriented Vision. Chapter 7: The Word of God. Chapter 8: Conclusion. Appendix 1: Wrong Ways To Do Battle. Appendix 2: Acts Of Prayer. Appendix 3: Hands Of Prayer / Praying For One Week. Appendix 4: The Five “S” of Small Group Prayer Appendix 5: How To Pray For Two Hours Appendix 5: Your Personal Sphere of Prayerfluence