Another Testimony From Worshp Life 2008

Just wanted to comment on the awesomeness of the Lord, and how wonderful the Worship Life Conference was this weekend.

I sat in on your “confessions of a worship leader” workshop.

And I was very moved by what you said about the sacrifices that are made in us when we pray to be used in any way He wants to use us. (You may have seen my sitting towards the back with tears in my eyes…although I doubt I was the only one)

I prayed that “dangerous” prayer some time ago, and have recently been going through that very thing of saying, “But Lord, this hurts.”

And so to hear your testimony and hear that God is working through it all and never forgets about us or leaves us…that really touched my heart and encouraged me in ways that I cannot even describe.

So thank you so much for sharing that testimony and sharing those words with us.

The conference was awesome and our whole group was blessed, as I’m sure everyone else who attended was. God is so good.

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