An Absolute Standard


One rabbi said, “If there are only two righteous men in the world, I and my son are these two; if there is only one, I am he!” -Reminds me of two friends talking, one said, “We’re the only two honest people left in the world, and sometimes I’m not so sure about you!”

With a human measure, righteousness is relative, you can always find someone better and someone worse. Take the right point of comparison and you feel pretty good about yourself.

A little boy announced to his mother, “I’m like Goliath. I’m 9 feet tall.” “Why do you say that?” asked his mother. “Well, I made a little ruler and measured myself with it; I’m 9 feet tall!”

Human standards don’t count. The only evaluation that counts is by an absolute standard! The righteousness of God Himself; with that measuring stick, we all come up short!

Lee Compson, Holier Than Who?

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