The key to successful Christian living is knowing who you are and what you were created to be.  The only way we can know that is by knowing Jesus as He reveals Himself through the Bible which is His Word.  The Bible reveals to us God’s created intent for our lives and informs us of our rights and privileges as sons and daughters of God.  Pastor Holland helps people discover who Jesus is and who they are in Christ.


Christianity is not a system of beliefs.  Christianity is an encounter with Jesus who is alive and desires for every person to have an intimate friendship with Him.  We experience His Presence as we worship and study His Word.  Pastor Holland helps people around the world experience the Powerful Presence of Jesus through the songs he has written and the ministry of the Holy Spirit through prayer and worship.


Relationship with Jesus is not simply about going to heaven when you die.  Relationship with Jesus is about knowing Jesus and maturing in God’s love and grace.  For most Christians that means trying harder to be a better person and doing more good things and less bad things.  The Bible teaches as we grow in grace we become led by the Holy Spirit and governed by God’s love.  Pastor Holland helps people grow in God’s love and grace through his books, radio ministry , television ministry and teaching ministry at churches and conferences around the world.