The best lines from Scalia’s marriage dissent and Kennedy’s decision

NOTE FROM P.HD:  Today the Supreme Court decided to depart from God’s created intent for marriage, which is not only for the purpose of spiritual and physical union… but to bring children into the world and create family.  Their decision to establish a legal definition of marriage for same sex couples under the law does not invalidate God’s Covenant of marriage.  There are those who will wrongly see this as.

My Journey To Exodus International….

by Holland Davis, Pastor of Calvary Chapel San Clemente   In the year of 1998 my wife and I were involved in a church plant located a couple blocks from San Diego State University.  A couple by the names of Jeff and Judy Johnson were lay leaders in the church plant and they were involved in a ministry called Living Waters.  They loved the way that I led the church.

Alan Chambers

He shut down Exodus International and then apologized for the ex-gay ministry he ran. Why? “Change is possible!” That was Exodus International’s slogan, an unapologetic answer to the dicey “are people born gay?” question. Often described as the largest “ex-gay” ministry in the U.S., Exodus worked with Christians who dealt with same-sex attraction for 37 years. That all changed in June, when Exodus International’s president Alan Chambers stunned the world.

Developments at Exodus International, Part I — The Apology

By Nate Collins The following is the first in a three-part series that will cover the recent developments at Exodus International. The second part will explore the possible reasons for shutting Exodus down. The third will look at the potential impact that the new organization formed by the leadership of Exodus will have in our culture today. This series is also cross-posted at the Aligned Grace Resources blog. The oldest.

Interview: Alan Chambers on Closing Exodus Int’l and Starting a New Ministry

(Photo: Exodus International) Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, delivers the opening address at the 38th Annual Exodus Freedom Conference in Irvine, Calif., June 19, 2013. By Jeff Schapiro June 21, 2013|5:56 pm Alan Chambers served as the president of Exodus International, the world’s largest ministry to those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, for more than a decade before it was announced Wednesday that the organization would be shutting down..

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